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V8 604
V8 604
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V8 604


Data de nascimento:

V8 Ranch

2017 Grand Champion Bull at Houston
V8 Ranch 2017 Bull of the Year

Sheer Power, Tremendous Performance, and Super Style, not to mention being backed by two of the greatest cow families in Brahman history, make Mr. V8 604/7 the epitome of a V8 Brahman bull. He is a bull that perfectly combines the size, bone, length, and muscle of Mr. V8 191/7 and the Style and productivity of his 380/6 sired dam.

He had the second heaviest weaning weight (710 pounds) and achieved heaviest yearling weight (1181 pounds) of the 2014 spring calf crop.

His offspring exhibit the same extended and tidy front end, bold and open rib cage, with expressive loin shape and width from stifle to stifle as he does. 604/7 is a truly remarkable bull that has had the RARE ability to have massive size, bone, and muscle while maintaining perfect hoof shape and clean joints.

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Pedigree / Genealogia

Mr. V8 191/7
JDH Sir Avery Manso
JDH Sir Liberty Manso
JDH Miss Acacia Manso
JDH Mr. Charley Manso
Miss V8 188/5
Miss V8 128/7
Mr. V8 380/6
Miss V8 910/4
JDH Karu Manso
Miss V8 170/6
Mr. V8 825/3
Miss V8 287/3


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