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Sêmen » Red Brahman LMC PAPPO 136/6


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Data de nascimento:




 BW 2.3, WW 16.7, YW 26.7, Milk 6.9 

Ranch Name: 

 La Muneca and La Negra Cattle Co.

As a special lot, we are selling 5 units of semen on the best Polled Red bull prospect we have ever seen! LMC LN Polled Pappo 136/6 is as outstanding a double polled red bull as there has ever been in the Brahman world ! Although we are uncertain of how we are going to market breeding shares on Polled Pappo in the future, here is a unique opportunity for a progressive breeder to get in on the ground floor. Pappo combines most of the traits that we all look for in a herd bull. He has as much volume and bone as you could ever put on one. Furthermore, he is packed full of muscle and impressive to look at.

Polled Pappo is sired by the dark pigmented Polled Pathfinder, who as a young herd bull is already proving himself as a producer of champions. Not only is he the sire of Polled Pappo, but is also the sire of the many times champion LMC LN Polled Daisy that is being campaigned by the Sellman girls. They have won 24 TCCA championships with her this summer. They bought her in LMC GenePLUS XVI. Polled Pathfinder is sired by the great LMC Polled Madison and out of an outstanding E3 Pathfinder 333 daughter.

Polled Pappo's dam, Miss Triple C 5/4, is our top Polled Red donor. 5/4 is sired by the great +Winchester 999 and has already produced some outstanding calves. She is also extremely fertile, as she has averaged over 20 good embryos per flush. In addition, she is well bred, well built and has a model udder.

Polled Pappo has impressed everyone that has seen him and has commanded as much attention as any bull we have ever raised. He was Reserve Calf Champion in San Antonio as a 9 month old calf & RGV and caught the eye of many breeders, both foreign and domestic , in Houston. Polled Pappo has the potential to have a huge impact on the Polled Red Brahman World!! Here is a chance to get in on the excitement!

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