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registro: 911894

sexo: macho

nascimento: 10/05/2012

criador: Santa Elena Ranch Inc.

proprietário: Santa Elena Ranch Inc.

comercialização: PREMIUMGEN

VL Rojo Designer 2/70 is a tremendous bull with power, muscle, and style. This moderate framed beef machine was named 2014 Reserve Intermediate Champion at the International Show in Houston and the 2014 Reserve Grand Champion at the East Texas State Fair. He is a show-stopping young bull that has impressed many of our clients and ranch visitors.

He is sired by VL Rojo Designer 78/5 and out of +VL Elena 108/6. Great bulls come from great cow families. +108/6, a donor that represents the true definition of an American Red Brahman, has been a top producer at the ranch.

Brahman breeders say VL Rojo Designer 2/70 is destined for greatness. Whether you want genetics, performance or style, 2/70 will be a bull making a difference in the red Brahman breed.


  • 2014 Reserve Intermediate Champion International Show Houston
  • 2014 Reserve Grand Champion East Texas State Fair
  • Sire of 2015 National Show Class Winner
  • Ranks in the Top 1% of the breed for Milk and is positive for 5 carcass traits & docility


VL ROJO DESIGNER 4/128 734419
716364 VL ELENA 3/140
VL DESIGNER 92/1 348874
VL ELENA 98/7 626601
VL ELENA 86/7 626599
VL Elena 108/6
824582 VL ROJO ELEGANTE 80/2
839686 VL ELENA 108/3
VL ROJO BRAVO 6/125 762450
VL ELENA 3/140 716364
VL ROJO BRAVO 2/28 693824
VL ELENA 2/106 701166


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